Ichiran Ramen – NYC

Ichiran, a popular ramen chain in Japan has finally made its way to the US.  Ichiran is known world-wide for their specialty in Tonkotsu, which features a pork based broth.  They also make their own ramen noodles & specialty spicy powder.  Mostly located in Japan, they also have a branch in Hong Kong and recently opened … Continue reading Ichiran Ramen – NYC


Ippudo Ramen – New Grand Menu

Still regarded as one of the TOP ramen shops in NYC, Ippudo, has recently launched their new grand menu, featuring a completely vegetarian ramen.  In addition, the new menu includes fall off the bone chicken wings, spare ribs, eggplant baos, and okonomiyaki.  While these appetizers are great additions, the focus will continue to be on … Continue reading Ippudo Ramen – New Grand Menu

Ippudo Ramen

Ramen is Japan's soul food and Ippudo is our gateway to that country.   You will find yourself a delicious authentic bowl of fresh ramen noodles and flavorful broth. Ippudo is not only a favorite to us but also amongst many other New Yorkers. Their Tonkotsu (pork) soup base ramen are uniquely flavorful and to … Continue reading Ippudo Ramen