The first time we discovered Wowfulls was at the indoor Smorgasburg in Industry City in Brooklyn. This was a new dessert vendor introducing Hong Kong’s popular street snack, an egg waffle “gai dan jai”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, these gai dan jais were traditionally sold in plain flavors. Wowfulls modernized this snack and created a decoratively beautiful cone of ice … Continue reading Wowfulls

Queens : Our Top 5

Born and raised in Queens, we really are spoiled by the amount of diversity this borough offers.  Whether you plan to eat in trendy Astoria or explore authentic and cultural offerings in Flushing, there is an endless list of places to try out.  It really is tough to rank our Top 5, but below is our current favorites.  This list will be updated as we try … Continue reading Queens : Our Top 5

Cheese Grille NYC

If you love grilled cheese sandwiches or cheese in general, then you must check out this fairly new spot called Cheese Grille NYC located in the Lower East Side. This dedicated grilled cheese joint delivers some of the best comfort food in the area.  With a fairly simple menu,  Cheese Grille NYC, offers many kinds of grilled cheese (savory and/or sweet) sandwiches along with a wide selection … Continue reading Cheese Grille NYC