Ichiran Ramen – NYC

Ichiran, a popular ramen chain in Japan has finally made its way to the US.  Ichiran is known world-wide for their specialty in Tonkotsu, which features a pork based broth.  They also make their own ramen noodles & specialty spicy powder.  Mostly located in Japan, they also have a branch in Hong Kong and recently opened their first US location in NY.  At the Brooklyn location, … Continue reading Ichiran Ramen – NYC


The first time we discovered Wowfulls was at the indoor Smorgasburg in Industry City in Brooklyn. This was a new dessert vendor introducing Hong Kong’s popular street snack, an egg waffle “gai dan jai”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, these gai dan jais were traditionally sold in plain flavors. Wowfulls modernized this snack and created a decoratively beautiful cone of ice … Continue reading Wowfulls

ZiZi Limona

We recently ventured out to Williamsburg to try this fairly new hip and modern Mediterranean restaurant called Zizi Limona in Brooklyn. The menu offers a spectrum of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Starting with the appetizer of the “Small Zi’s” section, we ordered the Crazy Baba which was absolutely delicious.  The aesthetics of it was unexpected from the ingredients listed on the menu. It is a … Continue reading ZiZi Limona

Smorgasburg: Industry City

  While the weather may not be what it was during the Summer, you can still enjoy the delicious food offered at Smorgasburg.  Taking over the 2nd floor of a huge warehouse type building called Industry City, Smorgasburg lives on with about 40 food vendors. Here we were able to snag a Summer Smorgasburg favorite, the Ramen Burger, without waiting a single minute on a … Continue reading Smorgasburg: Industry City