Soft Swerve

Rarely does an Ice Cream shop in NYC create so much hype and excitement that it would justify a line out the door, nevertheless during the winter time. Soft Swerve however, delivers fully on the high expectations.  Specializing on soft serve ice cream, they are known for their exotic flavors and photo friendly toppings.  Their most popular flavor without a doubt is Ube, which is made from fresh purple yams.


All their flavors are in fact delicious and worth a try.  In addition to Ube, they serve up Matcha, Black Sesame, and newly introduced Macapuno coconut.  These flavors can be mixed and swirled together.  Our current combo is Ube and Macapuno.


While the cone looks great on its own, you should really put some toppings on to take it to the next level!  We would suggest fruity pebbles, toasted coconut, and charms marshmallows.  If not sure what toppings to get, you can always go for the preset combinations listed on their board.


Soft Swerve is located in the outskirts of Chinatown and should be on the Top of your dessert list!


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