Bryant Park Winter Village

Make sure to stop by the Winter Village at Bryant Park this holiday season.  In addition to the traditional ice skating rink, there are now many food vendors/stalls setup around the park.  Similar to other Urbanspace Markets, many unique and very delicious food is featured. This market features some new and familiar faces.  See below for some of our favorites and must tries:

Coney Shack: Specializing in South East Asian tacos, Coney Shack delivers some serious flavor and options. Offering a menu consisting of tacos (fish, calamari, and pork) to Hot Dogs topped with beer battered fish there is something to try for anyone.

Chickn’ Cone: This new vendor to NYC offers a waffle cone filled with chicken!  There are different flavors available, such as Ranch and the Thanksgiving special, which includes cranberries and gravy.  We would suggest getting the Cinnamon Maple offering.  Very delicious!

💥Finally a fork free Chicken & Waffles from @chickncone at the winter village at Bryant Park 🐥! Get this cone with the cinna-maple sauce 👌because it was indeed #socluckingood ❤️. #nyfoodie #nycfoodie #topcitybites #lo

Doughtnut Project: Originally located in the West Village, the doughnuts sold here are truly unique.  You can find some different flavors such as the Everything Doughnut, which is an everything bagel x doughnut mashup, to a Bacon Maple doughnut, featuring a large strip of bacon running on top.  We really suggest the Beets and Ricotta cheese doughnut if you want to try something different.

This doughnut is EVERYTHING. Make sure to get this and all the other great flavors from @thedoughnutproject. Tag all your friends that would try this! @donuts #tdpnyc.  #nyfoodie #nycfoodie #topcitybites #lovefood #buzzfeast #foodbeast #eaterny #eatingnyc

Arancini Bros: These deep fried rice balls are seriously delicious.  There are many different types of flavors found in each ball.  Our favorites are the cheesesteak and mozzarella pesto!  If you are into trying something sweet, definitely check out the Nutella stuff one!

Cartons of Deep Fried Rice balls from @arancinibros 💣🙌. Love these Spinach & ricotta, Buffalo spicy chicken, and their famous Nutella! But seriously, every flavor is awesome❗️#eaturban  #nyfoodie #nycfood #topcitybites #lovef

Homefrite Fries: A staple at Smorgasburg, now available in the middle of NYC.  Their fries are delicious and come in a cone.  The many different dipping sauces is what allows them to stand out.  We would suggest getting the Chipotle Mayo!

Really can't get better than this on a Fryday❗️ Truffle parm fries with lemon garlic aioli sauce from @homefrite.🍟 Everything goes so perfect together. Always a must get at @smorgasburg! 😋👍 #nyfoodie #fries #fryday 🍟:T



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