The first time we discovered Wowfulls was at the indoor Smorgasburg in Industry City in Brooklyn. This was a new dessert vendor introducing Hong Kong’s popular street snack, an egg waffle “gai dan jai”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, these gai dan jais were traditionally sold in plain flavors. Wowfulls modernized this snack and created a decoratively beautiful cone of ice cream on a bed of egg waffles. It was a nice surprise to see a transformation of one of our favorite childhood snacks, having coming from a Cantonese/Chinese background!

Not only do these Wowfulls look beautiful and taste delicious, what’s different is the plain gai danΒ  jai is transformed into fun flavors like green tea and chocolate. It makes a somewhat customized & fun dessert!

Fast forward and now they have grown to selling at the large outdoor Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Saturdays and Prospect Park on Sunday’s. Β They also participate at different music festivals and outdoor markets. Be sure to follow them to check on their location before you go!


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