2nd City

Filipino food has become more popular in NYC throughout the years. 2nd city introduces a new twist and a fresh idea to the food scene. It is a Filipino Tex Mex created by talented Chef Jordan Andino. It’s a small spot consisting of a love seat and table by the window, and a bar that only sits about 8 people. There is a beautiful mural painted on the wall giving a fun & laid back vibe, yet having a modern gastropub look.

We started off our meal with a bowl of Pancit and Poké. If you’ve had Pancit before, whether it’s from a restaurant or from your friend’s mom/grandmother, you know that everyone makes their own version of this very popular Filipino dish. 2nd city’s version did not disappoint and it was savory & delicious.

The Poké portion was large and each bite of the tuna & rice was absolutely fresh! It was one of our favorites.

These Fried pork belly bao buns doused in delicious hoisin bbq sauce was to die for!

To top off your meal, you must get their homemade Macapuno Ube ice cream on a cone. 2nd city transformed this popular purple yam ice cream into an amazing dessert by adding chunks of fresh coconut!

Btw, it’s exciting that this place has several items on their secret menu that you need to know by word of mouth. Having said that, whisper to the bartender that you want to “Tap that Ube” and you’re in for a yummy collaboration of Chef Jordan’s Ube ice cream with Jaenyceats Pandan cakies, creating the ultimate ice cream sandwich!

We can’t wait to go back on a weekend to try the Adobo breakfast burrito.


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