RaMein – Gourmet Ramen on the Go

Gourmet ramen dishes and outdoor food markets are usually never mentioned in the same sentence.  However, new vendor, RaMein is looking to change that.  They are offering 4 ramen dishes including the classic Pork Tonkotsu ramen to LIC Flea visitors.  The container/cup is bright red and easily recognizable and portable.  If you have ever been to Ippudo’s fast casual ramen shop, Kuro-Obi, then you will get the idea.  Nevertheless the food definitely has the flavor you would expect from a full fledged restaurant rather than an outdoor food vendor.


While the Tonkotsu is classic, we went with the Spicy Sichuan Beef ramen.  The broth definitely has a kick to it and gives plenty of flavor to the noodles and tender beef.  The ramen noodles are supplied by Sun Noodles, and you can definitely taste the quality.  This is not your ordinary college one minute ramen noodles.  A nice touch is the soft boiled egg.  The price was $9 and seems like a good value considering you are getting a hearty meal.

Pro Tip: Add more spice with their available hot chili oil

Also get the “Char Sui Sliders” featuring smoked roast pulled pork. (say that 5x fast).  These sliders are a must try and pack plenty of flavor.  The taste is sweet and goes really well with the sweet buns they use.

Other ramen dishes that RaMein offers include a Vegetarian Shroom ramen, Classic Tonkotsu Pork Belly ramen, and a brothless spicy cold noodle dish with chicken.  It seems like the cold noodle dish will do really well on warm days.


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