Levain Bakery

Tucked in the basement store front in the Upper West Side lies a very well known bakery. Levain Bakery has for years created cookies so good that they have been crowned by many as the best cookies in NY. We have heard about the long lines and we finally got to try the cookies and wow, we were blown away!  One bite into the warm, gooey center of their massive cookies erases all memory of the 30 minutes you just stood in line. WORTH IT.

We got their world famous signature Walnut Chocolate Chip cookie. It’s crisp on the outside, thick, warm & gooey with each bite. The chocolate chips & dough melts in the mouth and tasted so amazing! This definitely will satisfy any cookie/sweet lover.


We also had the Dark Chocolate Chocolate chip cookie and to be honest we LOVED this more than the walnut chocolate chip.  If you are a chocolate lover, then this is a must get! This cookie has dark chocolate cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate chips.


Pro Tip: If you are looking to enjoy these cookies at a later time, simply put them in the microwave for 15 seconds.   The cookies tastes just as good microwaves as it is right from the oven!  You will find yourself an addictive rich chocolate, dense, moist cookie that leaves you craving for more.


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