Adoro Lei

Not your typical pizza spot, Adoro Lei offers an upscale & cozy atmosphere with an impressive menu. You can get there by taking trains 1,2 to Canal St. or A,C,E to Spring St.

What’s unique about Adoro Lei is that they offer the classic Italian Neapolitan thin crust pizza with a modern twist. Their menu has a wide selection of Red/White pizza, Pasta, appetizers, and cocktails. Everything we ordered was extremely delicious!

Starting with appetizers, the Burrata and Truffle rice balls are a MUST. The Burrata Divine features cheese, eggplant, tomatoes, truffle honey drizzle, and arugula. The Truffle Rice Balls features truffle cheese rice balls with almond & panko crust. Also delicious, are the Adoro sliders, which features veal & pork braised meatballs in tomato sauce, sheep’s milk ricotta on 3 buns.


For main course, we ordered pies from each of the Red/White pizza options. For the red pie, we ordered the savory Casanova which features San Marzano Tomato,Pecorino, and Buffalo Mozzarella. This is simplicity at its finest! It was absolutely savory. As for White pizza, we devoured the Medici Magnificent, which features fresh mozzarella, pesto, soppressata, and roasted peppers. The other white pie we ordered was very creative, inventive, and interestingly delicious! It was called the Tullia, which consists of Mussels, ground sausage, fresh mozzarella, and Sambuca. Yes! seafood, liquor, and fresh toppings on a pizza pie. Hard to believe but it actually tasted good.


To end the night, we had the delicious Nutella fingers, which features churros drizzled with Nutella and topped with whip cream & blackberries.



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