Ramen Zundo-Ya

Amongst the many great restaurants in the East Village lies a new ramen spot called Ramen Zundo-Ya on 84 E 10th Street. Known in Japan with 19 shops, this NYC location is the first in the US. As it is just a block away from Ippudo, Ramen Zundo-Ya is a great alternative to fulfill your ramen crazing if the line is too long.  The interior is very well lit and has a open feeling, unlike other smaller and tighter ramen shops in NYC.

What’s unique is a customized bowl of delicious ramen. You can choose between 4 different levels of broth richness (Light, Regular, Rich, Super Rich) as well as the type of noodle (thin straight or thick wavy). The menu is simple and straight forward.


We each ordered the Ajitama Ramen and the Ajitama Hot Ramen, which are classic Tonkotsu with slices of roasted pork and cured soft-boiled eggs. We chose the regular broth with thick wavy noodle and thought it was cooked perfectly. The ajitama hot version was nice and spicy. We chose the regular broth with thin straight noodle, which is a little richer than what we are used to.


For an appetizer, we had the Karaage as appetizer. It is a crispy & juicy fried boneless chicken that comes with Japanese mayo and a salt & pepper dip. We also ordered the Ra-Yu Buns which are pork belly steamed buns with spicy mayo.



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