Burger and Lobster

Living in bustling New York, life can be fast and stressful. Sometimes it helps to relax after a long day at work and/or school. If you are a very simplistic person when it comes to food options, then Burger and Lobster is definitely your place!  The menu is literally everything you see in the name of the restaurant.  The meal options are limited to 3 menu items (Grilled or steamed Lobster, Lobster roll, or a juicy Beef Burger). Each entree comes with salad and fries, and cost the same amount at $20.

The Lobster Roll was filled with large chunks of lobster on a buttery bun.  Considering that this lobster roll comes with fries and a salad, $20 is not a bad deal!


The burger we ordered featured bacon & cheese of your choice. The burger meat was so succulent and the sesame bun was toasted to perfection leaving each bite juicy.  I believe the patty weighs in at 10oz!


Simple menu, great taste, good value!  Sounds like a winner to me.


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