Tacos Al Suadero

A true Foodie is always on the hunt for great food at reasonable prices. Living in Elmhurst, Queens we are lucky enough to be within walking distance to so many cheap eat gems. Last week we were craving for some tacos and decided to check out this small Mexican restaurant called Tacos Al Suadero on 90th St. in Jackson Heights. It is right off the 7 train station, so it is very easily accessible.

Pro Tip: Make sure you brush up on your Spanish to help order your fleet of tacos or be prepared to point at the menu.

This place is truly a hidden gem and had some of the tastiest tacos we’ve eaten. You can taste the authenticity with every bite; you can tell this was not some ordinary Taco Bell taco. We ordered the Suadero (broiled beef), Lengua, Bistec, and Carnitas tacos; each had its own unique flavor and wasn’t drowned in sauces. A plus, in addition to the affordable prices was the the portion sizes! As you can see in the pic, they are very generous.


We also ordered the Bistec (steak) Cemita which is a toasted Mexican sandwich. With every bite, you can taste the flavorful meat mixed with a good portion of cheese. Again, the size of this Cemita was large in size; we still devoured it! The mix of meat, avocado, and cheese between perfectly toasted bread was absolutely amazing. This sandwich alone will easily bring us back for more.  Needless to say, the tacos plus the sandwich was exactly what we were looking for and a spot we would recommend. Make sure you are comfortable with going to a hole in the wall type restaurant.



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