Queens : Our Top 5

Born and raised in Queens, we really are spoiled by the amount of diversity this borough offers.  Whether you plan to eat in trendy Astoria or explore authentic and cultural offerings in Flushing, there is an endless list of places to try out.  It really is tough to rank our Top 5, but below is our current favorites.  This list will be updated as we try new restaurants or revisit previously ranked places.  So without further ado, lets get into it!

Top 5 Queens Food Spots

    1. JoJu – Modern Vietnamese Sandwiches
      This staple in Elmhurst boasts a wide selection of modern Bahn Mi sandwiches as well as fries that we believe are some of the best around.  You must try the Bulgogi Bahn Mi with a side of Bahn Mi fries.  Be warned, the portion sizes of the sandwiches are absurdly large and can be shared, but why would you? Find our review Here!
    2. Sugar Freak
      New Orleans’ comfort food such as chicken and waffles, mac and cheese, Po Boy sandwiches and spicy jambalaya highlight this Astoria gem.  While this place is very popular for weekend brunches, do not a second hesitate coming here for any type of meal.  I would totally recommend getting Oysters Rockefeller as an appetizer and fried chicken with chicken fried waffles as the main. Find our review here!
    3. Nan Xiang Dumpling House
      Straight out of Flushing and right into your mouth, you have to try the xiao long baos (soup dumplings) from this dumpling house on Prince Street.  Get there early and order the crab and pork as soon as you are seated.  Don’t forget to get the scallion pancakes with beef and fried dumplings to fill in your meal.  The soup dumplings however will make the trip to Flushing well worth it.
    4. Rincon Criollo
      Right off the Junction Blvd 7 train stop is a gem that has been in the neighborhood for decades.  This Cuban restaurant serves up some authentic dishes such as their delicious Ropa Vieja, Bistec, and Criollo chicken.  Make sure to order their coconut flan for dessert. Portion sizes are huge and the service is very attentive.  Let them know its your birthday and you will be in for an awesome surprise party.
    5. Mad For Chicken
      Who would have thought that the fried chicken that has us coming back over and over again is Korean made?! Without a doubt the double fried chicken from Mad for Chicken in Flushing is a top of our list.  The soy garlic flavor is perfect for us but if you can handle some spice definitely ask for spicy.  As for sides get the a bowl of mac and cheese and an order of truffle parm fries!  Pair everything with your favorite beer and you are in for a great meal.

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