Cheese Grille NYC

If you love grilled cheese sandwiches or cheese in general, then you must check out this fairly new spot called Cheese Grille NYC located in the Lower East Side. This dedicated grilled cheese joint delivers some of the best comfort food in the area.  With a fairly simple menu,  Cheese Grille NYC, offers many kinds of grilled cheese (savory and/or sweet) sandwiches along with a wide selection of beer and wine.


We had the chance to try out some of the favorites including the savory “3 Cheese Sandwich”consisting of cheddar, asiago, and gruyere.  We added bacon to our sandwich and it was amazing.  The melted cheese oozed with each bite, but didn’t give off any oily type taste that you might have with other grilled cheese sandwiches.  Cheese Grille uses Bathalzer’s bakery for their bread providing a fresh taste.  We also ordered the “Crispy Goat” featuring goat cheese and bacon with caramelized onions and avocado. We were never a fan of goat cheese but this one was  exceptionally tasty. Quick Tip: Don’t forget to get the sweet potato tots on the side!


For dessert, we ordered the Strawberry Grilled Cheese  and the Banana out of curiosity. Both sandwiches were surprisingly tasty, which left us craving for more!  The “Banana” has mascarpone, nutella, and obviously  banana on Brioche with ice cream on the side. The “Strawberry” has chevre, strawberry jam, and speculoos.  Needless to say we were impressed with Cheese  Grille NYC as it immediately became a favorite for us.  If you are ever in the area, we would totally recommend it!


Must Get: 3 Cheese Sandwich w/ bacon.  Side of sweet potato tots


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